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Author & School Visits

Trisha Speed Shaskan loves visiting schools and libraries! Her goal is to get everyone excited about words, writing, books, and the power of imagination! For twenty years, Trisha has taught creative writing, including how to write fractured fairy tales, mysteries, poetry, nonfiction, fiction, comics, and fantasy. During a typical presentation, Trisha discusses the writing process from conception to publication. She also includes an interactive group activity, which might involve brainstorming, using wordplay, or creating a character together. Since Trisha has written a combination of forty nonfiction and fictional books, she uses a variety of her books to appeal to a wide range of students and their interests. For example, she uses her fractured fairytales to discuss point of view/perspective, and the picture book I am an Octopus to discuss writing nonfiction. A typical presentation lasts an hour or less, depending on the grade-level or audience.  An author visit to a school can be a half-day, full day, or two days. Trisha will work with educators, media specialists, and librarians to create a presentation or workshop that relates to their curriculum or fits their needs.

Since Trisha and her husband Stephen Shaskan have created books together, they also visit schools and libraries together, where they can discuss the process of creating books from an author and illustrator’s perspective. They can also discuss creating comics and graphic novels. For their picture book Punk Skunks, Trisha and Stephen will be playing music and singing songs. Stephen plays guitar. Trisha plays the drums. 


“Trisha Speed Shaskan is an author full of fun and enthusiasm.  The children feed off of her passion for books and reading. She gears her demonstrations to meet the appropriate age of the audience. Trisha will ask questions of the audience and get them to interact with her as she talks about her various books of both fiction and nonfiction. The students loved her.”
Beth Zimmerman, Media Specialist,
Woodland Elementary School, Alexandria, MN
“Trisha Speed Shaskan did a great job of getting our students excited about reading. Her presentation allowed for a lot of audience participation, which was perfect for our primary age students. Trisha did an excellent job of showing our kids how to create story ideas and use words in an interesting way. Our kids loved having her visit our school.”
Aaron Korynta, Media Specialist,
St. Mary’s School, Alexandria, MN